Monday, April 24, 2006

Puking Words

So this is a big part of what goes on in any retail electronics store. People use the word "download" to mean open, run, import, export, install, burn, copy, rip, and upload, but almost never does anyone mean download. Then, they want to get their old obsolete hardware to work perfectly with any other incompatible hardware.

Oh also, that Guy's T-Shirt used to be white. Well Enjoy Posted by Picasa


Isaac Hawley said...

I wish they would admit that they don't know anything!
"How do I download this to my printer?"
"What? Your printer.. what? You want to print this?"
"No I want to download this to my printer. Forget it, I'll go find someone who knows downloading. You suck."


Courtney said...

Soo... i like his FUPA... Good comic drawin' J.B. I have a blog now too! I think... I'm too lazy to really look though!